MicroCloud Servers

These high-density, high-performance, high-efficiency and extremely cost-effective servers are ideal solutions for cloud computing and web hosting applications.

  • High density with 24/12/8 UP nodes in 3U
  • Excellent expansion capability with 1 PCI-E 3.0 x8 LP slot per node
  • Up to 2x 3.5" hot-swap or 4x 2.5" fixed SATA3.0 (6Gbps) HDDs per node
  • High efficiency Platinum Level (94%) 1+1 redundant power supplies
  • IPMI 2.0 remote management plus KVM with dedicated LAN per node
  • Intel processor Atom C2750, Xeon E5-2600 v2 and E3-1200 v2 / 1200 v3 families, AMD Opteron 3000 series
  • Up to 130W high-performance CPU support available

Broadberry MicroCloud Server 5038MR-H8TRF

Configure a High-Density Broadberry MicroCloud Server Server 5038MR-H8TRF

Form Factor:
Drive Bays:
Hot-Swap Drives
HDD Size:
3.5" Drives
Drive Interface:
Server Processor:
Xeon E5 2600v4 Dual Processor
Max RAM Capacity:
Konfigurieren Ab: €8,146
MicroCloud Server SBS-820H-4114S

20 High performance UP blade servers in a 8U High blade enclosure. Optimised for HPC, virtualisation and cloud computing. PCI-E Gen4 ready for SSD and Network IO.

Form Factor:
Drive Bays:
Hot-Swap Drives
HDD Size:
2.5" Drives
Qty Drives:
Drive Interface:
Server Processor:
AMD EPYC 7003 Processor
VMware Compatible, High RAM Capacity, Redundant Power Supply - Standard
Max RAM Capacity:
Konfigurieren Ab: €103,871

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The Broadberry Microcloud server range presents some of the best cloud servers available on the market. These high-performance solutions are powered by strong CPUs that also stay efficient and offer plenty of benefits in reduced energy usage. This line of Broadberry MicroCloud systems includes many of the most effective options for cloud computing on the market.

A Microcloud server will do wonders for your TCO. One of the key factors to find your ideal solution is price, and this range of options are some of the most cost-effective on the market. With up to 24 servers contained in a 3U chassis, this system is adept at delivering high performance while keeping your costs down. You will need a lot less space to house this one system than you would need with other alternatives, so your data centre costs can be kept at a minimum. It also uses a lot less power than the alternatives, so long term you make significant monetary gains from all the energy you save. The equipment footprint in your data centre will be reduced by introducing this high powered, efficient cloud system.

The Microcloud server is through its efficiency provides you with huge savings in both space and power. It truly makes the absolute most out of what it has and is more efficient in of power usage than the majority of other solutions on the market.

With high efficiency platinum level redundant power supplies, your server will be able to stay up should one of the supplies go down, leaving you suitably covered. Additionally, drives can be hot-swapped; you won't need to suffer downtime.

As there is less hardware to deal with, you will save a lot of time that you would otherwise have to spend maintaining and managing your system. In the long run, a Microcloud server requires much less maintenance than most similar solutions on the market.

We build our systems from the ground up to be optimised for cloud computing. Your system will be configured to be perfect for cloud deployment and virtualisation. Another feature is excellent expansion capability with 1 PCI-E 3.0 x8 LP slot per node.

Our range of options are high performance, with powerful CPUs. With up to 130W high-performance CPU support available. We configure our servers with the Intel processor Atom C2750, Xeon E5-2600 v2 and E3-1200 v2 / 1200 v3 families, as well as the AMD Opteron 3000 series.

Your custom cloud server can be configured to be optimised for your intended use, creating the best solution for your business. Which may include virtualisation, cloud-based computing, dynamic web serving, dedicated hosting, memory caching and more.

This ultra-dense system can hold up to 24 servers in 12 trays, in a 3U chassis. Costs of storing your equipment can get expensive, which is why Broadberry configure solutions that are very space efficient. As all your servers are contained in one chassis, there is a lot less maintenance you need to keep up. We make the most of the density potential of our systems, configuring as much power and storage as possible in as small as space as possible.

Unser präzises Testing

Alle Broadberry Server- und Storage-Lösungen unterziehen vor Abgang aus unserem Lagerhaus einem 48- Stunden Testlauf. Zusammen mit diesem Prüfungsprozess und sowie die hochqualitativ branchenführende Komponenten, wollen wir sicherstellen, dass alle unserer Server- und Storage-Lösungen den höchst strengen Qualitätsrichtlinien entsprechen, was von uns gefordert wird.

Unvergleichbare Flexibilität

Unser wichtigstes Ziel ist es , hochwertige Server- und Storage-Lösungen zu einem überragendem Preis- und Leistungsverhältnis anzubieten. Wir verstehen, dass jedes Unternehmen verschiedene Anforderungen hat, und wir wollen dabei gern eine unvergleichbare Flexibilität für Ihre individuell angepasste Server- und Storage-Lösungen zur Verfügung stellen und Ihre Anforderungen schnell und effizient erfüllen.

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