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System Awards Review Date Verdict
CyberStore 136NF1 - 36x NGSFF PCIe NVMe SSD All-Flash Storage Array High-Density 1U, 36x Next Generation Small Form Factor Server - Great for Scale-out, Scale-up, Database, Real-time analytics, Deep Learning, Content Distribution Network, etc.
4th Sep, 2020 The CyberStore Xeon SP2-136 signals a new direction for enterprise storage, packing an impressive amount of high-speed E1.S NVMe SSDs into a low-profile, rack-dense chassis. Remote management features are more basic than most, but the CyberStore won’t be faulted for its high storage performance and
CyberStore 212WSS-NVME 2U, 12 Bay, NVME Windows Storage Server 2019 iSCSI SAN / NAS, Windows Storage Spaces
22 Jan, 2020 A powerful Windows-based storage server offering great performance at a very tempting price.
CyberStore 212S-NVMe 12GB/s Storage Server 2U, 12 Drive Bays, SAS/SATA Rackmount Storage Server with 4x NVMe
January 2020 A powerful Windows-based storage server offering great performance at a very tempting price
Broadberry CyberServe R182-Z90 The Broadberry CyberServe R182-Z90 is a dual socket system powered by the AMD EPYC 7002 processor family, has a massive maximum RAM capacity of 4TB and can be configured with 4x 3.5” hot-swap drives.
7 Jan, 2020 With the blue chips offering such a meagre selection of AMD EPYC 7002 rack servers, Gigabyte is clearly the place to go if you want a powerful system that precisely matches your workload and budget. Broadberry’s CyberServe R182-Z90 teams up a truly remarkable hardware package with a huge core densit
Cyberserve Xeon E 108S Intel Xeon E 2100 Series, 1U Server with lots of Storage Capacity, Dual, Quad or Eight Gigabit LAN Ports, 8x 2.5" Drive bays
17 Jun, 2019 Great performance for the price. No restrictions on drive choices; Good expansion potential; Great choice of ports
CyberServe Xeon SP2-R1208 Intel R1208WFTYSR 3x PCIE Slots (2x FHHL, 1x LP), Optional Redundant Power, Dual 10GbE LAN, IPMI Remote Management & KVM
30 Jul, 2019 It may look pricey, but the CyberServe Xeon SP2-R1208 is offering a massively powerful, core-heavy 1U rack package that’s ready to take on any enterprise workload
CyberServe Xeon SP2-R2224 Intel R2224WFTZSR 2U, Dual Intel Xeon Scalable Procesor, 24x 2.5" Hot Swap Drives, Dual 10Gbe Ports, Single 1300W PSU
5 Jan, 2018 Broadberry’s powerful Xeon Scalable rack server has tons of features for the price and some novel storage options
CyberServe R281-Z91, Dual Epyc Processor, 6x NVME Drive Bays Gigabyte R281-Z91
30 Nov, 2018 This core-heavy AMD EPYC rack server is offering an impressive hardware package at a price no equivalent Xeon Scalable system will be able to match
Broadberry CyberStore R281-NO0 All-Flash server High-Density 2U, 24x NVMe All Flash Storage Array, High IOPS
9 Oct, 2018 This powerful 2P Xeon Scalable all-Flash server is offering a super hardware package and high-performance storage at an unbeatable price
CyberServe Xeon SP1-208S 6 x PCIE Low Profile, Redundant Power Option, Dual Gigabit, 8+2 x Internal Drives, Dedicated LAN for IPMI Remote Management & Remote KVM
March 2018 A highly affordable single-socket Xeon Scalable rack server that doesn't try to gouge you on the storage
September 2017 Priced right for small businesses, this quiet tower server has plenty of power and room to grow
CyberStore 224S WSS iSCSI SAN / NAS 2U, 24 Bay Windows Storage Server WSS iSCSI SAN / NAS
June, 2017 The first Windows Storage Server 2016 appliance has an excellent set of storage features at a great price
CyberServe XE5-R280 v4 Intel Xeon E5 v4 Series Processor, 2U Rackmount Server, 12x Hot Swap Drive Bays, Dual Processor
6 May, 2016 The CyberServe XE5-R280 teams up the latest E5-2600 v4 Xeons with a mighty storage package and sets a high standard for value
CyberServe-XE5-408S v4 4U or Tower Style, Xeon E5 v4 Series, Dual Processor, 8x Hot Swap Drive Bays
9 Oct, 2015 This great-value tower doesn't have quite the amount of storage as some of its competitors, but the upgrade potential, processing power and phenomenal price make it a great investment for any SMB.
CyberServe XE5-102S v4 Intel Xeon E5 V4 Series, Dual Xeon E5 Processor, 1U Server, Very Short Depth, Dual Gigabit LAN, 2 Drive bays, IPMI Remote Management
1 Jul, 2015 The CyberServe XE5-102S v3 delivers a mighty hardware spec in a tiny rack chassis making it ideal for hosting a wide range of business apps in the smallest of rack spaces
CyberServe XE5-R1208 Intel R1208WTTGSR Multi-Award Winning 12Gb SAS, Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 Server
22 Oct, 2014 If you thought E5-2600 v3 servers were beyond your budget think again as Broadberry’s CyberServe XE5-R1208 delivers heaps of processing power at a bargain price. It’s not as feature rich as Dell’s PowerEdge T630 but the massive price difference is impossible to ignore.
Broadberry CyberServe XE3-P10 WSE2012 PC Pro rated 5/6 NAS - Enterprise Features in a Desktop Unit
The CyberStore delivers server-grade hardware in a desktop chassis, making it much more flexible than a standard NAS appliance
CyberStore 424S WSS iSCSI SAN / NAS 4U, 24 Bay Windows Storage Server 2019 NAS / iSCSI SAN, Windows Storage Spaces
13 Feb 2014 Broadberry's CyberStore 424S combines Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 with a heap of SSD-accelerated storage for a very affordable price
CyberStore 316S WSS iSCSI SAN / NAS 3U, 16 Bay Windows Storage Server 2019 NAS/iSCSI SAN, Windows Storage Spaces
20 Feb 2013 The first Windows Storage Server 2012 appliance to market offers good value, great performance and massive expansion potential
Broadberry XE5-R224 2U Server with 24 Drive Bays - Intel R2224GZ4GCSAS Intel R2224GZ4GCSAS Server System with 24 SATA/SAS Hot Swap Drive bays, , Quad Gigabit LAN
28 Nov 2012 A top-value rack server that combines storage space with impressive expansion potential
CyberServe XE3-R130 Xeon E3 Server Voted PC PRO Best Rackmount Server (A-List)
17 Jun 2011 A compact, entry-level rack server that’s impressively efficient and priced just right for small businesses
CyberServe X34-Q104 Quad Server PC Pro Recommended Quad Server
19 Jan 2011 "Broadberry proves four into one will go as the X34-Q104 delivers a high-density compute node package at a low price
CyberStore 212S-JBOD Storage 2U, 12 Bay JBOD (Direct Attached) Storage
7 Dec 2010 Increasing server storage capacity couldn't be easier, and Broadberry's new DAS appliance is furiously fast as well
13 Oct 2010 A unified storage solution offering massive capacity and expansion potential for a very good price
CyberServe X34-104L The first Xeon 3400 rack server to support SFF hard disks
29 March 2010 The first Xeon 3400 rack server to support SFF hard disks, and it's compact, quiet and power-efficient
25 Jun 2009 A low-cost NAS and IP SAN appliance with huge expansion potential and excellent performance

Unser präzises Testing

Alle Broadberry Server- und Storage-Lösungen unterziehen vor Abgang aus unserem Lagerhaus einem 48- Stunden Testlauf. Zusammen mit diesem Prüfungsprozess und sowie die hochqualitativ branchenführende Komponenten, wollen wir sicherstellen, dass alle unserer Server- und Storage-Lösungen den höchst strengen Qualitätsrichtlinien entsprechen, was von uns gefordert wird.

Unvergleichbare Flexibilität

Unser wichtigstes Ziel ist es , hochwertige Server- und Storage-Lösungen zu einem überragendem Preis- und Leistungsverhältnis anzubieten. Wir verstehen, dass jedes Unternehmen verschiedene Anforderungen hat, und wir wollen dabei gern eine unvergleichbare Flexibilität für Ihre individuell angepasste Server- und Storage-Lösungen zur Verfügung stellen und Ihre Anforderungen schnell und effizient erfüllen.

Vertraut von weltweit Top-Marken

Wir haben wir uns als führender Anbieter von Server und Storage-Lösungen in England etabliert und seit 1989, beliefern wir weltweit größten etablierten Weltkonzernen unsere Server und Storage-Lösungen. Zu unserem Kundenstamm gehören :