All Flash Storage Arrays

The very latest High Performance Storage technology, including NVMe, 12GB SAS and Hybrid Drives for the ultimate I/O performance storage.

  • Built for NVMe, High-Performance Storage
  • Energy-Efficient, High Bandwidth DDR4 Memory
  • Xeon SP Intel Xeon Processors
  • Ultra-Performance Enterprise-Grade Storage

NVME and 12Gb/s SAS logos.

Compatible With All Leading Operating Systems

Best Seller Ultra High-Performance NVMe Drives 
CyberStore 110P 10x NVMe Drive All Flash Storage Array

1U, 10 Bay NVMe All Flash Storage Array

Form Factor:
Drive Size:
2.5" Storage Servers
Drive Bays:
10 NVMe Drives
Storage Capacity:
Konfigurieren Ab: €4,071
Ultra High-Performance 2.5" Drives NVMe Drives 
Broadberry CyberStore R182-NA1 All-Flash server

High-Density 1U, 10x NVMe All Flash Storage Array, High IOPS

Form Factor:
Drive Size:
2.5" Storage Servers
Drive Bays:
10 NVMe Drives
Storage Capacity:
Konfigurieren Ab: €5,262
Ultra High-Performance 2.5" Drives NVMe Drives 
Broadberry CyberStore R282-NO0 All-Flash server

High-Density 2U, 24x NVMe All Flash Storage Array, High IOPS

Form Factor:
Drive Size:
2.5" Storage Servers
Drive Bays:
24 NVMe Bays
Storage Capacity:
Konfigurieren Ab: €5,737
Ultra High-Performance NVMe Drives 
CyberStore 224N 24x NVMe All Flash Storage Array

High-Density 2U, 24x NVMe All Flash Storage Array, High IOPS

Form Factor:
Drive Size:
2.5" Storage Servers
Drive Bays:
24 NVMe Bays
Storage Capacity:
Konfigurieren Ab: €6,119
Ultra High-Performance 
CyberStore 248N 48x NVMe All Flash Storage Array

High-Density, High IOPS Performance 2U, 48x 2.5" NVMe All Flash Storage Array

Form Factor:
Drive Size:
2.5" Storage Servers
Drive Bays:
48 NVMe Bays
Storage Capacity:
Konfigurieren Ab: €8,090
Ultra High-Performance NVMe Drives 
CyberStore 124E1.S - 24x E1.S Hot-swap NVMe (9.5mm or 15mm) drive slots - All-Flash Storage Array

High-Density 1U, 24x Next Generation Small Form Factor Server - Great for Scale-out, Scale-up, Database, Real-time analytics, Deep Learning, Content Distribution Network, etc.

Form Factor:
Drive Size:
2.5" Storage Servers
Drive Bays:
Storage Capacity:
Konfigurieren Ab: €8,424

Compatible with all major operating systems, the CyberStore range of open storage servers can be pre-configured with these storage operating systems.

Configure your CyberStore storage appliance with a wide range of open-source operating systems for an enterprise-grade, cost-effective storage solution.

The Broadberry CyberStore range of unified storage servers support all major file systems for maximum compatibility.



The Broadberry CyberStore range of unified storage servers are completely compatible with leading database engines.

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The Broadberry CyberStore Performance® range of iSCSI SAN / NAS storage appliances include 1U-4U server offerings boasting up to 1.5PB of raw storage capacity in a single storage unit providing well over 2 million IOPS.

Built for high performance storage applications, this range boasts ultra-high IOPS by making use of 12Gb/s SAS and NVMe drives with SSD caching options and the latest Intel Xeon processor technology.

Broadberry All Flash Storage Array Supporting NVMe and SAS

CyberStore Performance Appliances:

Cyberstore performance

Ultra fast iSCSI SAN/NAS storage servers for when performance is key, these enterprise-grade appliances are built to handle whatever you can throw at them.

  • Ultra-Performance Enterprise Storage
  • 12GB 2.5" / 3.2" SAS / nVME Drives
  • Enterprise Hard Drives
  • SSD Caching
CyberStore Performance Logo

The recent monumental rise seen in the storage industry over the past few years of virtualisation has resulted in the requirement for all flash storage arrays, providing ultra-high IOPS and ultra-low latency for the most demanding storage applications.

The Broadberry Performance range of all flash storage arrays has been built from the ground up for such applications, utilising the latest solid-state storage technology including SSD drives and NVMe drives.

Unlike many storage solutions on the market today, the Broadberry Performance range of all flash storage arrays have been specifically designed for NVMe drives from the lowest level, meaning there are no bottlenecks even when configured with up to 48 ultra high performance NVMe drives.

As well as increased I/O and lower latency, the Broadberry Performance range of all flash storage arrays also offers substantially reduced running costs due to the ultra-efficient chassis and there being no moving parts.

NVMe All Flash Storage Array Target Markets

  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Oil & Gas
  • High Frequency Trading
  • High Security Encryption Datacenter
  • Cluster and Supercomputer Applications
  • Virtualisation Servers

NVMe All Flash Storage Array Benefits

  • Large throughput gains (6x)
  • Substantial latency improvements (7x)
  • Shared common backplane improves flexibility of drive choice
  • 2.5" form factor for improved serviceability vs. PCI-E Flash cards
  • Improved power efficiency

The CyberStore Performance range has been built from the ground-up to take advantage of the latest high performance storage technology including 12Gb/s SAS3 and NVMe Solid State storage.

12Gb/s SAS3

Break through the current storage bottleneck between host system and storage media with 12Gb/s SAS, designed and built to provide the connectivity, scalability and performance enterprise need.

12Gb/s Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) technology enables a new performance, class of storage tiering that spans servers with solid state drives to hyperscale datacenter scale-out architectures. The interface doubles the data transfer rate of 6Gb/s SAS solutions, allowing SAS infrastructures to deliver bandwidth that exceeds that of PCI Express® 3.0 with a single host bus adapter (HBA).

NVMe Solid State Storage

Configure your Broadberry CyberStore Performance appliance with NVMe drives and significantly improve both random and sequential performance by reducing latency, enabling high levels of parallelism, and streamlining the command set while providing support for security and end-to-end data protection.

Configure Your Performance Storage Appliance

The Broadberry CyberStore Performance range can be configured with a wide range of high-performance storage options, from Hybrid hard drives which incorporate SSD caching technology withing the drive, to ultra-high IOPS NVMe drives.

Configure with:
All Flash Arrays
Maximum Performance
Mix SSD's and HDD's
Capacity + Performance
Hybrid HDD's
Best of Both Technologies

SAS graph banner

Seagate Enterprise Performance 15K HDDs leverage a small 2.5-inch form factor to deliver significant performance advantages and power savings over legacy 3.5-inch mission critical drives.

12Gb/s SAS Enterprise HDDs Are Perfect for:

  • Building high-performance servers that host warm and hot data in the most demanding application environments
  • Reducing latencies for significantly faster, predictable response times
  • Creating blade, rack or tower servers to host transaction-based applications
  • Delivering solutions for power- and space-constrained data centres
  • Upgrading systems for increased data security and easy drive retirement
  • Transitioning from legacy 3.5-inch systems to more efficient 2.5-inch solutions
  • Improving TCO by minimising system complexity and reducing operating costs

The Intel® Solid-State Drive Data Center Family for PCIe brings extreme data throughput directly to Intel Xeon processors with up to six times faster data transfer speed than 6 Gbps SAS/SATA SSDs.

Graph with reasons to choose NVMe

The performance of a single drive from the Intel SSD Data Center Family for PCIe, specifically the Intel Data Center P3700 Series (460K IOPS), can replace the performance of seven SATA SSDs aggregated through a host bus adapter (HBA) (approximately 500K IOPS).

NVMe overcomes SAS/SATA SSD performance limitations by optimising hardware and software to take full advantage of NVM SSD technology.

A group of NVMe drives

CyberStore Performance storage servers are used by everyone, from small businesses to the largest organisations in the world.

  • Mission-Critical Storage
  • ISPs & Cloud Hosting
  • Big Data
  • TV / Media Industry
  • Small Business Complacency Storage

The uses of the CyberStore Performance range are almost infinite due to it's

CERN logo

In today's world, storage appliances are used in almost every aspect of our lives across all market sectors and industries. The flexibility and configurability of Broadberry CyberStore Performance storage servers make them very popular in a wide range of performance-hungry applications.

Broadberry 3-Year Warranty

3 Years Warranty as Standard

Buy with confidence knowing all Broadberry CyberServe rack servers are backed up by our 3 year warranty, with further warranty upgrade options available.

Intel Xeon Processor E5

Dual Xeon SP Processors

Designed for optimal performance, the dual-processor range of CyberStore Performance servers support the Intel Xeon® processor Xeon SP family

Daisy Chain JBOD Cable

Daisy Chain CyberStore Appliances

Increase the storage capacity of your CyberStore WSS storage appliance by daisy-chaining additional CyberStore JBOD units, giving up to 1 Petabyte of storage.

 NVME drives logo

NVMe Solid State Storage

All Broadberry CyberStore Performance storage servers boast the option of solid-state NVMe storage for ultra-high performance.


12Gb/s SAS3 Storage

Built from the ground up around 12Gb/s SAS storage technology, the CyberStore Performance range raises performance and lowers TCO.


Based on DDR4 Memory

The CyberServe Performance range boasts DDR4 memory, up to twice as fast and delivering 50% more bandwidth and 40% more energy efficiency than DDR3.

IPMI features

With IPMI Remote Management

All Broadberry CyberStore WSS appliances have built-in iPMI functionality, enabling complete control and management of your server through IP.

Leading Hard Drive Components

Built with Leading Brand Components

All components in the Broadberry CyberStore WSS range are sourced from leading manufacturers who take reliability as seriously as we do.

Hard Drive

Built in Thin Provisioning

Expand your storage pools online as and when you need to with the CyberStore WSS' built in Thin Provisioning feature.

Windows Interface

Windows Familiar Interface

Built on Windows Storage Server 2019, the CyberStore WSS range uses the same familiar Windows interface you're used to.

Data Compression

Built in Data Deduplication

Reduce storage footprint by up to 70% with the CyberStore WSS' deduplication feature , removing duplicates in sets of data and referencing to a single file instead.

Data Compression

Deduplication on Running VMs

The CyberStore WSS range can deduplicate virtual machines, greatly increasing the overall effectiveness of deduplication for VDI implementation.

IPAD, iphone and stack of files

Workplace Join

Workplace Join allows certificate-based authentication and single sign-on to applications and data for personal devices like iPads.

SSDs and cards

Hardware SSD Caching

The CyberStore WSS range includes a hardware-based SSD Caching option, allowing you to cache your most used data on super fast SSD's via a RAID controller.

Four Intel Drives

Software Storage Teiring

Dynamically move chunks of your most used data between HDDs and super fast SSDs through Windows Storage Server for an alternative to hardware based SSD caching.

Broadberry storage server with cloud

Built in File Replication Service

Windows Storage Server Work Folders works very similar to Dropbox. Install this role on your CyberStore WSS and get a fully functional secure file replication service.

Broadberry stopwatch

Parallel Rebuild Failed Storage

If you've ever had a disk fail in a RAID array you'll know the rebuild time can take ages, especially with large disks. WSS 2019 greatly reduces rebuild time.

Network Adapter

Network Adaptor Teaming

The CyberStore WSS range can be configured with up to 16 network adaptors for impressive network performance and availability.

Unser präzises Testing

Alle Broadberry Server- und Storage-Lösungen unterziehen vor Abgang aus unserem Lagerhaus einem 48- Stunden Testlauf. Zusammen mit diesem Prüfungsprozess und sowie die hochqualitativ branchenführende Komponenten, wollen wir sicherstellen, dass alle unserer Server- und Storage-Lösungen den höchst strengen Qualitätsrichtlinien entsprechen, was von uns gefordert wird.

Unvergleichbare Flexibilität

Unser wichtigstes Ziel ist es , hochwertige Server- und Storage-Lösungen zu einem überragendem Preis- und Leistungsverhältnis anzubieten. Wir verstehen, dass jedes Unternehmen verschiedene Anforderungen hat, und wir wollen dabei gern eine unvergleichbare Flexibilität für Ihre individuell angepasste Server- und Storage-Lösungen zur Verfügung stellen und Ihre Anforderungen schnell und effizient erfüllen.

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