NexentaStor is a complete NAS/SAN storage platform with capabilities that exceed almost all other storage platforms.

NexentaStor has been built as an alternative to expensive, vertically integrated, proprietary storage technologies from the likes of EMC and NetApp, saving customers 70-80% over their proprietary solutions.

The Broadberry range of Nexenta Storage Servers are built using Industry Standard Enterprise Hardware, allowing customer to have the latest storage technology at a fraction of the price that EMC or NetApp would charge. Broadberry are still using the Same Quality Enterprise components, but not tying the customer into proprietary solutions.

Nexenta Backup/Archive Appliances

Perfect for entry-level ZFS-based storage applications, the Backup/Archiving range of Nexenta Storage appliances are pre-configured and ready to go.


Nexenta Performance Storage Appliances

Perfect for mid-level - high-level ZFS-based storage applications, the Performance range of Nexenta Storage appliances are pre-configured and ready to go.


Nexenta High-Availability Storage Arrays

Configure for the most demanding ZFS-based storage applications, our Nexenta Storage arrays can be configured with as much storage as you require, with or without high-availability.


Features of the Nexenta ZFS based File system enables organisations to grow network storage at breakthrough cost savings – without sacrificing any features.

Powered by NexentaStor storage Operating System, the Broadberry Nexentastor Servers leverage the superior data integrity of the ZFS file system to match the enterprise-grade storage capabilities (and some unique to ZFS!) of more expensive, legacy storage technologies

Nexenta Storage Solutions

128 Bit ZFS-based File System

When most storage systems are based on 32bit or 64bit file systems giving you major limitations for future expansion. ZFS is based on 128bit File system With Unlimited Volume Size and Unlimited Capacity Expansion.

Open Storage

A Hardware platform that keeps you in control of your budget. No more getting overcharged for Hard Drives that should only cost a quarter of what the Big Brands try and charge (making you buy their branded drives) – After all it is exactly the same drive with a different sticker on!

Unified Storage

Broadberry XLStore Powered by NexentaStor delivers a unified storage solution to satisfy NFS, CIFS, iSCSI & Fiber Channel network needs.


Finally, a business continuity solution doesn't consume your entire IT budget. Now, organizations of all sizes can afford an HA cluster solution at a lower price-point than legacy solutions.

Storage Virtualisation

Support for all major virtualized infrastructures – including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere & Citrix Xen Server.

Unlimited Snapshots

Create an unlimited number of customized, automated or periodic snapshots to ensure granular recovery of your business-critical data

Scaling Capacity and Performance

The Broadberry XLStore powered by NexentaStor supports many network connectivity environments including GbE, 10GbE, Infiniband and Fibre, making it the most versatile storage solution available.

The Broadberry XLStore powered by NexentaStor allows an enterprise to match appropriate storage media to differing application requirements, achieving optimal levels of performance, capacity and cost without being required to manage and maintain multiple storage systems. Hard drives in the XLstore can either be the high performance enterprise class SAS drives or higher capacity SATA enterprise drives enabling you to mix and match as your storage requirements dictate.

Customers can add storage at any time to meet new application or business needs or to consolidate a company’s disparate storage into a single point of management, without incurring downtime and with the IO Pooling feature it means that as you add extra storage your data storage solution becomes faster. Storage capacity is also not a concern with the Broadberry XLStore powered by NexentaStor because it is designed on the ZFS 128-bit file system with current data storage limitations being 16 Exabytes.

1000 Gigabytes = 1 Terabyte
1000 Terabytes = 1 Petabyte
1000 Petabytes = 1 Exabyte

Business Continuance

The Broadberry XLStore powered by NexentaStor with RAIDZ is designed for the heart of the enterprise, with no single point of failure. All aspects of the systems architecture deliver maximum reliability and availability even during upgrades or maintenance.

Also the XLstore has data replication, mirroring, data compression and data encryption features for backups to either local or remote sites. The high availability RAID Z2 feature built into the XLstore ZFS file system allows for multiple storage units to fail or be taken off line and still supply continuous data availability regardless of an enterprise's maintenance schedules or disaster recovery requirements.

Investment Protection

In today's environments, as new server and networking technology is deployed within the enterprise, storage systems must be upgraded to meet the needs of the IT infrastructure.

The vast majority of storage system upgrades require an entirely new product installation. With the Broadberry XLStore powered by NexentaStor you can eliminate these painful hardware replacement costs by having a modular storage solution with maximum flexibility to upgrade without replacing the entire system.

ZFS File System

128-bit ZFS File System – The most scalable & flexible as a 128-bit file system yet – compared with 32- or 64-bit file systems! Extending to 128-bits gives ZFS an expected lifetime of about 25 years  and with a theoretical  limit of 16 Exabyte or 18 million terabytes the ZFS file system does offer un limited Volume Size and Unlimited Capacity Expansion.

Unlimited File Size

While most legacy solutions limit the file sizes, there are no such limitations with ZFS

Unlimited Storage Capacity

Eliminates storage limitations through disk and system expansion

Unified Network Protocol

Broadberry NexentaStor delivers a unified storage solution to satisfy NFS, CIFS, iSCSI & Fiber Channel protocols resulting in virtually all storage requirements being supported, resulting in flexible file-sharing over any network protocol!

Find & Correct Silent Data Corruption

Self-healing technology that check-sums and transactional copy-on-write I/O operations eliminate silent data corruption and ‘write-holes’. ZFS employs 256 bit checksums end-to-end to validate data stored ZFS Checksums Every Data and Metadata Block in the File System, and the Checksums are Stored with the Parent: Traditional file systems store a data block’s checksum physically next to the data. If the checksum algorithm is strong (and not all file systems use a strong one), reading the checksum and comparing it to the data will detect an error within the data block (often called bit rot or digital decay).

Open Storage

The Software and Hardware can be integrated with off the shelf hardware, thus no vendor lock in such as EMC, HP, Dell etc. This is really important with the initial cost and up-grades consequently much reducing TCO.


Business continuity solution doesn't consume your entire IT budget.  Now, organizations of all sizes can afford an HA cluster solution at a lower price-point than legacy solutions.

Storage Virtualization

Support for all major virtualized infrastructures – including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere & Citrix Xen Server.

Data Deduplication & Native Compression

In-line data deduplication and compression greatly reduces the use of the primary storage on the server.

Block-Level Mirroring

Set-up remote backups & disaster recovery

Hybrid Storage Pools

Exploit I/O cache to accelerate read & write performance


I/O Pooling

The more disks or systems you add, the faster the performance of your Broadberry NexentaStor

Unlimited Snapshots & Clones

Most legacy solutions are limited to 255 snapshots. Broadberry NexentaStor allows any number of customized, automated and periodic snapshots to ensure granular recovery in a timely manner Create an unlimited number of customized, automated or periodic snapshots to ensure granular recovery of your business-critical data.

Integrated Snapshot Search

Perform indexing & boolean searches from the file system to search for files within snapshots

Heterogeneous Block & File Replication

Synchronous or asynchronous replication for easy disaster recovery from local or remote systems

NexentaStor Management View

Centralized web-based tool allows a variety of functions to be performed from any location. Create, grow, delete, export & import storage volumes

Broadberry NexentaStor Management Console

Record & replay commands across all deployed instances of Broadberry NexentaStor.

Storage & Service Reports

Generate automatic & periodic reports to manage the performance of the system and integrate it into SNMP based management solutions

Thin Provisioning

Let your hosts virtually see a larger storage pool than is physically available, to be filled later when you need it. No need to re-format the file system!

Inherent I/O Virtualization

Virtualize data in the file-system to allow thin provisioning via I/O pooling for hypervisor virtualization solutions to improve capacity utilization and performance

Application & Plug-in Add-ons

High-Availability Cluster Plug-in – Single and dual active-active fail-over configuration options to increase availability by eliminating a single point of failure with a 2nd instance of Broadberry NexentaStor

VM Data Center 3.0

View and manage your entire virtualized infrastructure from a simple point-and-click interface. Perform common tasks, like stopping and starting VMs, create template-based clones, set-up backups, provision storage and set-up replication & retention policies. Support for VMware vSphere, Citrix Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V makes NexentaStor the only storage virtualization solution for all major hypervisor platforms

Delorean Windows Back-up, Restore & Search Application

Powerful Windows back-up with VSS clients and Nexenta Delorean plug-in. Select files and folders to protect via a built-in File Explorer interface, with the option for replication in NexentaStor

Unser präzises Testing

Alle Broadberry Server- und Storage-Lösungen unterziehen vor Abgang aus unserem Lagerhaus einem 48- Stunden Testlauf. Zusammen mit diesem Prüfungsprozess und sowie die hochqualitativ branchenführende Komponenten, wollen wir sicherstellen, dass alle unserer Server- und Storage-Lösungen den höchst strengen Qualitätsrichtlinien entsprechen, was von uns gefordert wird.

Unvergleichbare Flexibilität

Unser wichtigstes Ziel ist es , hochwertige Server- und Storage-Lösungen zu einem überragendem Preis- und Leistungsverhältnis anzubieten. Wir verstehen, dass jedes Unternehmen verschiedene Anforderungen hat, und wir wollen dabei gern eine unvergleichbare Flexibilität für Ihre individuell angepasste Server- und Storage-Lösungen zur Verfügung stellen und Ihre Anforderungen schnell und effizient erfüllen.

Vertraut von weltweit Top-Marken

Wir haben wir uns als führender Anbieter von Server und Storage-Lösungen in England etabliert und seit 1989, beliefern wir weltweit größten etablierten Weltkonzernen unsere Server und Storage-Lösungen. Zu unserem Kundenstamm gehören :